• Working with Michael Douglas
    • Working with Michael Douglas

    • International Emmy
    • Susan accepts her International Emmy Gold Medal

    • Japan
    • The team in Japan

    • UN Interview
    • Interviewing at the UN

    • Scrubs
    • Producing films is never boring

    • Speaking at a UN event
    • Speaking at a UN event


Strong narratives change minds. Compelling video captures human emotion and connects us all. Gripping stories transform the world.

Susan Farkas brings a well-developed eye and years of international experience to video production, both traditional and new media. A six-time Emmy-winning producer, director and broadcast executive, Susan produces engaging, character-driven videos. She also runs media training workshops. 

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    • Dance to Unite
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    • Needed but Unwanted
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    • Needed but Unwanted

    • Susan is at heart a news journalist; she insists on accuracy, balance and timeliness. She is an energetic, creative manager with a "can-do" attitude.

    • The video Farkas Media produced is powerful, concise and 100% on target, combining meaningful imagery with compelling interviews for a product that is more than the sum of its parts.

    • Your brilliant video captured the essence of what Dance to Unite stands for, and that doesn't only take tremendous talent but it also takes a big heart!!!